Yoni Mapping Therapy

Would you like to bring more bliss, connection and love into your daily life? Do you sometimes feel disconnected from your body and lacking energy?

Do you want to learn how to access the magical superpowers of your Yoni and womb space? ‘Yoni’ is the sanskrit word for vagina, meaning ‘sacred space’. And the vagina is indeed a sacred space, it is literally the place from which human life is actually birthed… yet somehow many of us have lost this sense of sacredness and reverence for our Yonis. We don’t always treat them with love and respect, and sometimes we even repeatedly allow others to treat them in a way which is not honouring. In our society, many women are shut off from their Yoni and their sexuality, not always aware of the impact this has on the other areas of life, when we suppress something so essential. When we block the flow of our sexual energy, then tensions, blockages, repressed emotional issues get stored in the Yoni. Yoni Mapping is all about reconnecting with this beautiful part of our bodies and learning about the infinite potential that we all have within us.

 Yoni Mapping is a kind of therapy which is also a gentle and respectful guided tour of the most intimate and mysterious part of your body. It’s all about embracing your WHOLE being and getting more in contact with yourself. It is a private session with Bonnie, which takes 3 hours total.

First we sit down with a cup of tea and have a relaxed chat about YOU. How you relate to your body, your lifestyle, your relationship with your Yoni and womb, your previous experience of relationship and orgasm and whatever else comes up around that. Everything is connected! Each session is adapted for your unique situation, no two sessions are alike. I can offer you my perspective, suggestions and information based on my experience working with women’s womb healing and Yoni massage intensively over the last few years. You have a chance to ask any questions you may have.  The talking part takes almost an hour usually. Then after that we slowly move into the bodywork, which includes a 45 minute whole body massage to warm up, lots of pelvic release work, some hip stretches and some abdominal release work… then an external and internal vaginal mapping massage, with communication between us the whole time. Your boundaries are completely respected throughout and everything moves very slowly. Some women expect it to be a super sexual experience and can be surprised to find it extremely slow, safe, peaceful and educational. The experience has been positive for all my Yoni Mapping clients so far. It’s about…

  • Healing tensions and blockages stored in the Yoni, releasing emotional blocks
  • Actually finding out what is going on in there – bringing awareness to the different sensations in each area
  • checking your sensitivity and muscle strength intermally
  • Letting go of past issues and traumas related to sexuality, body image or shame
  • Really looking at your relationship with your Yoni and your sexuality and how it affects your life
  • Bringing new habits of self nurturing and self care into your daily life
  • Learning about your amazing potential to experience many many different kinds of orgasms, and receiving homework to practice!

Why would someone come for this kind of session?

  • To access their natural state of bliss and learn what is possible
  • To heal negative body image or low libido, or overcome shame or guilt related to sexuality.
  • To heal sexual abuse or trauma, or alleviate chronic pain.
  • To reconnect to sexuality after childbirth or to release tensions in the Yoni before childbirth.
  • To learn about the true potential of their sexuality and feminine energy
  • To learn more about their Yoni and how to have different kinds of orgasms

Please contact Bonnie directly at bonnie@blisstribe.net to book your Yoni Mapping session, or if you have any questions.


If you’d like to book a session – please see my available times and book here:

Here, previous Yoni Mapping clients write about their experiences: 1526162_10152236136754179_1317367833_n

“Helloooo Miss Cervix! Indeed!! Highly recommended… Bonnie is respectful, gentle, compassionate, present, and creates a safe container for our self-exploration and awareness. I have been opened to new realms of openness!! And consequently *bursting* open at the heart seams. Think you already know your yoni? Have a session! 😉 ” Tamara, 39, Mullumbimby

“The Yoni Mapping was really an incredibly important experience for me. Thank you so very much for being such a brilliant, grounded and caring guide. I’ve recommended you to friends I know would be open to that too!” Tasha, 29, Sydney

“Feeling beautiful, energized, inspired and relaxed today! :-)Thank you and keep up the good work!” Sarah, 43, Mullumbimby

“I’m so grateful that I had the courage to come yesterday. It was a wonderful experience! I’m just high on knowing that I’m quite normal and alive and that I have access to a lot of energy. So beautiful!!” Christina, 38, Denmark

“Thanks so much for all the resources and the session! It was informative, relaxed, relaxing and exactly what I needed to get me more in touch with the loving orgasmic potential I crave to experience. Ever since losing my virginity I have even looking for something more out of sex and sexuality than I was getting from my lovers (or myself for that matter), and slowly, very slowly I’ve been learning and deepening my experience. Your session gave me exactly the tools I needed to take it to the next level. Thank you again!” Shantell, 40, Ocean Shores

“Thank you for your Angel touch ❤️ I felt so safe and open in your hands, and the following days my body was awakened in bliss. I am confident that with training I will open new doors to my connection with my yoni. Thanks again so much, you beautiful Angel!” Tina, 52, Denmark