The Yoni Mapping Journey

Young woman walking on the beach

Would you like to begin a new year feeling expansive aliveness
in your hips and pelvis?

Is it time to discover the mysterious depths of
the inner world between your thighs?

Are you ready to nurture your pelvic wellness and feel more
connection, bliss and pleasure in your life?

You have been lied to
Again and again
About your beautiful body,
About the immense power
That lies within you.
No matter what they told you,
You need to know that
Your sexuaIity is not shameful
Or dirty
Or sinful
Or disgusting in any way.
In fact,
It is the very force that created us all.
Your body is beautiful
Not when you lose 5kg
Or 15kg (heaven forbid!)
Or when you’re wearing the ‘right’ designer clothes,
Or with the ‘right’ make up on,
Or in the ‘right’ lighting,
If you take a selfie with the ‘right’ angle.
It’s ‘right’, right now.
There’s nothing you need to be
Or do
Or have
In order to be good enough,
To be worthy of love
(Your own or someone else’s).
Your body has innate capacity
For unimaginable pleasure
Untold joy and bliss.
Even you.
Even YOUR body.
Exactly as it is.
Right now.


“If you want to know where your true power lies,
go to those places you’ve been taught to fear the most.
Your orgasm, your period, labour & birth, menopause…

THIS is where your real power lies.
In the sacred temple of your pelvis.”
Christiane Northrup, OBGYN

For the first 8 years of my sexual life, I was totally disconnected from my body and my sexuality. I thought sex was something I was supposed to do for a partner, the intimacy was enjoyable, but I just felt numb internally. For many years, I hardly experienced any pleasure during penetration! I was addicted to using my vibrator to have intense clitoral orgasms, which felt good for a few seconds, but I usually felt drained and empty afterwards (and not in a good way!).

I had a sneaking suspicion there was something else out there, but I had no idea what it was or how to find it – in a culture where natural sexuality is often repressed or shamed, we don’t exactly get the full picture of what is possible when we first start exploring.

<<Fast forward to now>>

I’m a Sex Educator and founder of Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method, a unique pelvic wellness modality for women, by women. I’ve been on a beautiful 9 year adventure of discovery with my body, my sexuality and my amazing pelvic space, discovering whole worlds WITHIN ME that I never imagined existed.

Now I’m friends with my body and my sexuality. I’ve released the pervasive shame and disconnection I used to feel in relation to sex.  I have a LOT of internal sensitivity and I’m able to experience deeply pleasurable cervical orgasms and whole bodied orgasmic pleasure, either with my partner or in my own self-practice.

I truly believe that when we feel connected to our bodies and our pleasure in this way, it has a huge impact on the rest of our lives. We feel more fulfilled within ourselves. We experience more connection, pleasure and sensation during intimacy with a partner. We are more fun to be around. We feel more creative and inspired – sexual energy is the energy that creates life, after all!

I LOVE sharing these powerful tools, approaches and bodywork with other women (and seeing the ripple effect in their lives!), which is why I’ve created ‘The Yoni Mapping Therapy Journey’.


The Yoni Mapping Journey

with Bonnie Bliss


A one month journey designed to create a whole new awareness of your body, your sexuality and your amazing pelvic space.

This journey is completely customised for YOU – A combination of a Yoni Mapping Therapy session, followed by coaching calls
and email support to refine your practice
and gently guide your exploration over the month.


Some ideas of topics we could explore during the journey…
(depending on what you want to focus on)

  • Bringing awareness and sensation to areas of numbness
  • Relieving patterns of chronic tension and creating relaxation in your pelvic space
  • Inspiring embodiment practices for whole body self care
  • Creating a deeper sense of connection to your Yoni (vagina)
  • Tools for emotional healing in relation to past experiences of abuse, miscarriage, abortion or challenging births
  • Supercharging your libido and feeling more sexy generally
  • Awakening different pleasure zones in the vagina (G-spot, Cervix, A-spot, etc)
  • Letting go of old addictive patterns in self pleasure and creating new habits
  • Exploring why pelvic self care is amazing and how to incorporate it into your life
  • Feeling held and acknowledged in your birth experience / supporting emotional and physical healing after a challenging birth
  • Living a pleasurable life
  • And many more…

‘The Yoni Mapping Journey’ Includes:

  • A 3 hour Yoni Mapping Therapy session with me
    (In Byron Bay / Melbourne or Sydney)
  • A special tool for your practice to take home and keep (valued at $70)
  • A 60 Minute coaching call a week after the session
  • Email Support 2 weeks after the session
  • A 60 minute coaching call 3 weeks after the session
  • A 30 minute call to close the journey 4 weeks after the session

Access to customised practices for you based on your unique situation and all the expertise that I’ve accumulated from doing this work for 6 years.

(*Note: I do travel to Sydney and Melbourne occasionally, so I’m open to see if we can arrange something if you’re from there, just get in touch with me.)

“Bonnie Bliss is a gifted healer – Heart present, loving, soft & gentle, reverent, honouring & wise. She creates immaculate safe space to drop into your body, explore & allow the mystery & the magic of your entire reproductive system to reveal itself. If you have the opportunity to have a private Yoni Mapping Therapy session with her, don’t hesitate.”
~Samantha Bulloch, Gold Coast
Naturopathic Fertility & Women’s Health Specialist

What is Yoni Mapping Therapy?

’Yoni Mapping Therapy- The Bliss Method’ is a unique pelvic wellness modality that I developed in 2013 (and have trained a group of 25 practitioners in) It’s a powerful way to deepen your connection with your amazing pelvis and your Yoni. Literally a ‘guided tour’ of your most intimate region in a safe space – all of you is welcome, no matter what that looks like.

Sessions are a combination of coaching, education, a lush and nurturing full body relaxation massage, AND external and internal pelvic bodywork. We work directly with pelvic touch with clear communication to allow you to feel the inner world of your Yoni (there’s so much to discover that we were never taught about!)

You will leave this session with embodied practices, tools and information to start bringing into your daily life over the next week.

I will meet you EXACTLY where you are right now and support you to move forward in your connection with your amazing Yoni and pelvic space.

More about exactly what happens in a Yoni Mapping Therapy session here.


What Happens in the Coaching Calls?

During the coaching calls and email support we will have time to really bring the work from the session into your life, into your body and into the way you relate to yourself and your sexuality.

We’ll do some talk therapy, refine your practices, introduce new approaches and techniques as well as explore whatever arises for you over the month. You’ll receive resources to continue your exploration.

There’ll be space for you ask me any questions and have my full attention for the calls – so we can really go deep into your world. It’s amazing how powerful it is to work with this over time – it becomes something far beyond just a one off experience – This deep connection becomes PART of you.

It’s going to be EPIC. I’m so excited to be offering this journey!


13502022_915791495210202_1372255556491813008_n“Every woman deserves a Yoni Mapping Therapy session with Bonnie Bliss, And in my humble opinion, EVERY woman would benefit from it. 

Bonnie holds the most divine, nourishing and SAFE space. I instantly felt calm, and exactly where I needed to be. I surrendered to this journey of reclaiming myself, my womb, my Yoni and my inherent power – that had been taken from me.

Bonnie guided me through my trauma with such care, grace and absolute honouring. It was fascinating to feel parts of myself that I had NEVER ever…. I can’t really put it into words what transpired – except that it was one of the most profound and deeply healing experiences of my life.

This woman’s work is absolutely essential for these times. I cannot recommend it enough. Even it it is just to get to know your own Yoni better… For me it was life changing… in the best possible way.”

~ Sue-Ellen, dance teacher, Byron Bay

When can we start? 

These month long Yoni Mapping Journeys are being booked now for December and early 2018.  There are times available to start between December and February in Byron Bay, March in Melbourne and April in Sydney. I’m only offering a few sessions in Melbourne and Sydney in 2018, so they WILL book out very soon.

Generally there are VERY limited spaces available for the Journey due to my schedule / other projects and current bookings so do book in soon if this feels right for you. It’s been normal for me to have a 3 month waiting list for taking new clients, and I’ve JUST opened my books for 2018.

What are the numbers?

The price for the entire journey is $1297 – if you pay in full upfront.

A Payment plan is available – 5 payments of $297.
(Please note: the total must be paid in full before the time of your first session)

Again, your Yoni Mapping Journey Includes:

  • A 3 hour Yoni Mapping Therapy session with me (Byron / Melb / Sydney)
  • A special tool for your practice to take home and keep (valued at $70)
  • A 60 Minute coaching call a week after the session
  • Email Support 2 weeks after the session
  • A 60 minute coaching call 3 weeks after the session
  • A 30 minute call to close the journey 4 weeks after the session
  • Access to customised practices for you based on your unique situation and all the expertise that I’ve accumulated from doing this work for 6 years.

This  Journey WILL revolutionise the way you relate to your body, your sexuality and your amazing Yoni. You’ll have tools, practices and resources to continue deepening and exploring. After this experience, there’s no going back!

How do I book?

BYRON BAY – limited sessions available December – February
MELBOURNE – limited sessions available March
SYDNEY – limited sessions available April

Yes! Book me in!

You can book in by choosing the time on the link above for
your Yoni Mapping Therapy session, and either paying the upfront price OR the first instalment of the payment plan.

I’ll then be in touch to arrange times for your other appointments (and arrange payment plan details if necessary) so it’s all sorted before your Yoni Mapping Therapy session.

If you just want to connect with me and check in / ask some questions about it, prove that I’m a real human and I’m not that weird 😉 I’m so happy to arrange a free 15 minute phone chat with you:

– book a chat in here.

You can also reach me with questions via email:


“Helloooo Miss Cervix! Indeed!! Highly recommended… Bonnie is respectful, gentle, compassionate, present, and creates a safe container for our self-exploration and awareness. I have been opened to new realms of openness!! And consequently *bursting* open at the heart seams. Think you already know your yoni? Have a session!”

~Tamara, Mullumbimby

“Thanks so much for all the resources and the session! It was informative, relaxed, relaxing and exactly what I needed to get me more in touch with the loving orgasmic potential I crave to experience. Ever since losing my virginity I have even looking for something more out of sex and sexuality than I was getting from my lovers (or myself for that matter), and slowly, very slowly I’ve been learning and deepening my experience. Your session gave me exactly the tools I needed to take it to the next level. Thank you again!”

~Shantell, Ocean Shores

“My breasts seem to have come alive since our session. I thought it was really interesting when i started crying after you massaged my breasts. I never associated my breasts with any emotion, but now i’m feeling right into them and the emotions they carry.

I’ve also become very aware of my cervix. Like, all of a sudden i’m just very aware of where it is in my body and find that my attention is just there a lot of the time.

It’s really cool, this whole business of noticing aspects of my body that have always been there, but that have never been brought to my attention. I’m really excited to keep exploring these hidden treasures of my body. Hidden in plain sight.

Since our session i’ve also noticed that i’ve given myself more permission to just be the sensual goddess that i am. It’s a slight shift of feeling more entitled to just stand in a store and smell all the different yummy oils or sit in the sunshine without feeling like i need to be ‘doing something productive’. I think i would usually put a little more guilt on myself for taking moments like this, but i can feel that guilt dissipating.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for doing the work you do. It’s so important and relevant, and i’m sure you’ve already changed the lives of countless women in unfathomable ways just by being your blissful self.”

~Cat, Byron Bay