1-on-1 Bliss Activation Sessions

As the founder of Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method,
I’ve sat with literally thousands of women and delved deep into their inner world, supporting them to discover the pleasure, joy and sensitivity of their Yoni.

I’ve risen from the depths with countless jewels of inspiration, pearls of wisdom and a sense of wonder and awe for the miracle that is the female body.

I’ve also had an epic journey with my own sexuality and pleasure potential, going from feeling totally numbed out and disconnected, to being able to experience immense pleasure in my body, whenever I feel like. Not because I have magic powers (although I am magical!) but simply because I dedicated the time, energy and focus to explore this stuff.

So I’m curious to know if you can relate to any of these situations:


Your libido has run away from home…
You’re just feeling a bit… meh… when it comes to sex and pleasure. You feel numb and disconnected down there, sex feels like the same-old-same-old routine, and you have no idea where the hell your libido went! Netflix ‘n’ actual chill is your fav thing right now.

You have a sneaking suspicion there’s more pleasure out there…
You’re feeling pleasure and sensation (mostly clit focused), but it’s just not the kind of whole-body-tingling-super-satisfying pleasure that you’ve heard is possible. You’re not sure how to get to that magical place… (maybe it’s just a myth! Does it even exist!?)

You’re disconnected from your body because life is stressful…
You’re overwhelmed. Tired and exhausted. Constantly doing things for other people, it feels like there’s never time for you to enjoy yourself or experience pleasure. You haven’t properly stopped for months and your poor body is paying the price.

You’re missing a piece of the information puzzle…
You don’t feel like you were given the right tools you need – it’s as if there’s some vital piece of information missing. You know you didn’t learn it during sex ed at school (but don’t worry, neither did any of us!) … it’s just all so confusing!

You’re avoiding sex like the plague…
Your whole body tenses up whenever sex is even mentioned.  You rarely touch yourself, sex feels like a chore. You’ve been through some intense stuff, it wasn’t always safe to be a woman… but you’re ready to release the grip of the past and embrace your sexuality.

You’re having sex when you don’t feel like it…
You’re sick of going through the motions with sex and intimacy – doing it for someone else (maybe even faking orgasm sometimes!). You want to feel empowered in your sexuality. It’s time to reclaim your sexuality for YOU, not for anyone else, dammit!

You’re not sure how to flex your self love muscle…
You get that self love and self care are important (blah blah) but you’re just unmotivated to do it. Life is busy. You don’t know where to start. You’ve read articles about it, but you need some support from an actual human to go deeper with this stuff.

Do any of these sound familiar at all?



If you can relate to any of the above situations I mentioned, and you’re ready to explore a new way forward, I would absolutely love to do a Bliss Activation Session with you (I promise it will be fun!).

Now things are getting real!
Just you + me, baby.

If you’re curious, read on…

There may be a couple of certain areas you’d like to focus on during our time together…

Here are some ideas:

  • Pelvic Wellness wisdom and practices
  • Deep self care rituals for the pelvis / yoni
  • Bringing more sensitivity into your body
  • Movement practices for sexual awakening / sensual aliveness
  • The lesser-known knowledge we never received about pleasure and orgasm
  • Pleasure practices for epic internal orgasmic bliss
  • Healing emotionally from past experiences
  • Reclaiming your sexuality as yours to enjoy alone or share with another
  • Moving emotions through your body to create more spaciousness
  • Living a pleasurable life every damn day (it’s actually surprisingly easy!)
  • Learning to love your body deeper than ever before
  • Feeling more connected to your heart and emotions
  • Opening to states of expansive cosmic orgasm
  • Releasing shame, guilt or fear in relation to sexuality
  • Preparing emotionally and physically for birth
  • Pelvic wellness practices for fertility support
  • Internal Yoni Mapping practices

Hmmm, all of those sound pretty good, right? (nom nom nom)


What’s the Deal, Yo?

So 1-on-1 sessions are customised just for you,
based on YOUR unique situation:

Your connection with YOUR body.
The path YOU have walked until now.
All the experiences and adventures.
All the challenges and confusions.
And all of you is welcome.
However you are right now.
(Even the wobbly bits you judge…
wobbles are welcome!)

We start with a one off Bliss Activation Session, which is $279 AUD for one hour.
Sessions are held over a live video call.

In that time we can cover quite a lot, and I’ll give you tools and practices to take home  and use in your daily life straight away, to feel the way you want to feel with your sexuality (it’s basically the best ‘homework’ ever!)

I’ll send you an email afterwards with a summary of our chat, the practices we spoke about, as well as any other relevant resources.

What will you receive from it?

The session itself will give you insights and clarity that will directly impact how you see your situation, but your willingness to continue exploring will make the biggest difference.

I guarantee that if you do the ‘homework’ that we agree on during the session, you will see powerful results. As with most things in life though, it only works if you actually do it! 😉


You can book in your 1-on-1 Bliss Activation Session here:



Going deeper…
After the first session, if we both feel it’s a good fit, we could discuss working together further. Over 3 – 6 personalised sessions we can really go deep and create solid new habits and self care systems in your daily life. However, if that doesn’t feel right for you, you’ll still receive a lot from just one session.

Questions? Just email me at bonnie@blisstribe.net