Are you telling yourself you want to be more sexually free, more open, more ’empowered’, but it’s just not quite happening for some reason?

Ugh. Yeah I know the feeling. Why are we so damn hard on ourselves!?

Ok here’s a bigger question…

If you could take a li’l peek into your panties right now and have a chat with your vagina (because your vagina can magically talk!) and you asked her how she was in this moment…

What would she say?

Great? Fine? Um.. kinda ok? Maybe a bit neglected? Sad? Numb? *yawn*

(Omg was that just a growl!? WTF!?)

Your pussy will feel different from one day to the next, but isn’t it more fun when yours feels…

Luscious & juicy? Pleasure-filled? Deeply satisfied? Tingling? Blissed out? Content?

Of course it’s not always supposed to be sunshine & rainbow unicorns in Vagina Land. 

But lately I’ve been noticing a bit of a theme: More and more women are regularly feeling not fully satisfied, a bit disconnected, numb or kinda meh in the vajayjay department… and that makes me sad because it doesn’t need to be that way.

I totally get it though.

It’s hard to know exactly what to do for your particular lady flower so she feels all juicy and lushed up. Then it’s almost impossible to find the time… Life is sooo full and intense. Ain’t nobody got time for better orgasms and libido boosting. You’re a busy woman, dammit!

However, I’m here to tell you that even though it can seem selfish and indulgent, pleasure is actually really healthy and important (woo hoo!

And no matter what anyone says, your vagina is not broken – there’s nothing wrong with her – she just might need some TLC.

In fact, if you’re ready to break up with kinda ok or numb and embrace tingling aliveness & mind-blowing sensitivity (or just get your pussy positively puuuurring with pleasure) then you, my dear, are in the right place.

Hi. I’m Bonnie Bliss,
Your Vagina’s Fairy Godmother.

Say whaaaat…? You never got told that vagina’s even have fairy godmothers?
Well they do now!
**insert some kind of epic vagina-power theme song here**


My favourite thing to do in the whole wide world is to help other women feel how f**king amazing & magical their vaginas are.

And you can’t. even. imagine. all the incredible tools and tricks I have up my sleeve to make that happen!

Basically what I’m saying here is, if it’s time to let go of any sticky stuff holding you back and finally become BFF’s with your pussy (or even if things are pretty great but you’re insanely curious about going even deeper) ..Stick around. I’m your woman.

As the creator of ‘Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method’ – I’ve trained 25 practitioners all over the world in this powerful pelvic wellness modality for women. I’m also a Somatic Sexologist, Bliss Coach, facilitator & Sex Educator.

All of that means that a lot of people know me as ‘The Vagina Lady‘. (Uh oh!)

I’ve devoted the last 8 years or so of my life to supporting thousands of women to discover their bodies on a deeper level, release old stories, strip away layers of shame and guilt, feel more sensitivity internally, and love their amazing pelvic space and their sexuality – and nothing brings me greater joy (except maybe having cervical orgasms, those are pretty joyful!).

I’m here to help you create simple, nurturing pelvic care practices and rituals to feel more vibrantly alive, pleasure-filled and inspired in your daily life. 

Our vaginas don’t exist in a vacuum. When we don’t create space for them in our lives, it affects everything else.


Are you ready to explore the vast untamed wilderness within your own amazing body?

(I promise I’ll hold your hand and protect you from lions and tigers and bears!)


Here’s how you can work with me:


1:1 Bliss Activation Coaching Sessions 

Held online from anywhere in the world, these hour long sessions are packed full of goodness. We’ll explore exactly where you’re at, and find out what resources, practices or tools you need to take it all to the next level. Whether you want to let go of libido stuff, old sticky emotions, sexual shame, internal numbness, sex and intimacy challenges, orgasm issues or you just plain ol’ wanna feel more and go deeper… I’ve got your back. (Or your vagina, as the case may be.)  Tell me more, tell me more.

My Epic Signature Program – The Yoni Mapping Journey

I’ll be your personal Tour Guide for a month long wild journey into the vast hidden realms of your vagina and pelvic space. A combination of in person talk therapy & bodywork and then coaching calls over a month – this is for those who are really ready to dive deeeeeep and create a lovely ripple effect in your daily life. (The in person session can be held in Byron Bay, Sydney or Melbourne.) Tell me more, tell me more. 

Professional Mentoring for Yoni Massage Therapists

It’s important to feel supported. Especially when it comes to offering internal pelvic work professionally. It’s a BIG thing! (Don’t let anyone try to tell you it can be taught in a week or a weekend – it’s an ongoing journey!) If you’re currently working as a Yoni Massage Therapist – and you’re a woman – I’d love to chat about how I can support you to become a more confident, knowledgeable and empowered practitioner, for the benefit of you and your clients. Uh huh. Uh huh.

The Yoniverse – Real Sex Education for Adults

I’m the co-creator of ‘The Yoniverse’ with Elise Savaresse – REAL sex education workshops for women and masterclasses for men, that we offer all over Australia with our amazing team of facilitators. We also offer couples retreats to create a space for couples to connect on a deeper level and experience more epic sex and intimacy. All info on the official Yoniverse site over here.

Ooh and I’ve got a special gift for you!
My E-book, 13 Ways to Discover the Superpowers of your Vagina.

Full of practices, silly stories and lesser known information about the humble vagina, this book is sure to give you some exciting ideas for your inner adventures….


Yes please >>> Get it free here!

Connect with Me…

Social Media Addict? I’ve got a lot of opinions and I’m not afraid to share them. (Actually I’m totally afraid sometimes, but I do it anyway!) Feel welcome to connect with me and my often hilarious and passion-fuelled vagina rants on Facebook and / or Instagram.

Join our very exclusive Yoni Club!
Are you a woman with a vagina? Then this is The Club for you! With all the awesomeness of pony club, but about Yonis instead of ponies, it’s full of hundreds of incredible women who want to discover more about their amazing Yonis / vaginas / pussies, whatever you wanna call ’em. Lots of sisterhood, deep sharing, crazy questions and new discoveries and explorations – this is the place to be! Join usssss…. 

Want some A’s for your Q’s? … hit me up via email here.

Or let’s connect when our paths cross in physical reality (pretty sure that’s still a thing!?)

Until then,

*waving my Vagina Fairy Godmother magic wand in the direction of your vagina*

(…Did you feel that!?)

xx Bonnie


This is about as Vagina Fairy Godmother as I’m ever gonna look, wings ‘n’ all… (no wand though!)

“Bonnie Bliss is a gifted healer – Heart present, loving, soft & gentle, reverent, honouring & wise. She creates immaculate safe space to drop into your body, explore & allow the mystery & the magic of your entire reproductive system to reveal itself. If you have the opportunity to have a private Yoni Mapping session with her, don’t hesitate.”

~Samantha Bulloch, Naturopathic Fertility & Women’s Health Specialist

Samantha Bulloch

“Bonnie Bliss is a dedicated, loving and deeply caring midwife for women’s sexual health. She has helped many of us to have a better understanding of our precious feminine domain. What an extraordinary example of compassionate leadership! I am so grateful to know such a woman, even if she is on the other side of the planet. May lots of women flock to her and benefit from her pioneering insights into essential ancient wisdom.”

Kirsten Stendevad
Feminine Leadership Mentor and Bestselling Author
International Feminine Leadership Academy


Kirsten Stendevad